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IMMERSION STUDIO specializes in the installation of unique artworks that respond to specific locations. Sculptor KAREN KIESER makes forms that create a human connection to the space. She welcomes you to enjoy the many genres that comprise Immersion Studio and to imagine how they could provide a more vibrant space for your living or working environment.

The mission of Immersion Studio is to enhance spaces that encourage people to interact both intellectually and emotionally through sculptural elements. These elements can also incorporate lighting, water, and sound. Kieser designs projects for all locations: corporate, residential, and municipal. When warranted, Kieser collaborates with local fabrication companies, foundries, and colleges to produce her vibrant artwork for Immersion Studio.

Kieser is located in Ambler, PA in Montgomery County, convenient to Philadelphia.

To visit Karen Kieser's personal art website, go to

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